Kid’s magazine illustration: Petit Sàpiens

About This Project
I created this project for a child’s magazine called Petit Sàpiens. The commission was to deliver two illustrations for an article in the magazine.
The article is about Elisabeth Blackwell, the first woman to graduate medical college in the United States. She also created a free clinic for people of little income and a women’s medical school with her sister Emily.
The format and size were already defined by the magazine, so the first thing I did was to create a series of sketches for each of the pages. In the first one, Elisabeth was to be depicted attending a medicine class with her male colleagues, and for the second I could choose between her working at the clinic or teaching classes with her sister.
Besides, I made some reference image research so the locations and outfits were accurate (all of this took place about mid 19th century).
After speaking with the editor, we decided to go with the next illustrations.
My idea for the first illustration was to create a uniform environment in which Elisabeth clearly stood out. I managed that trough composition (her colleagues are all around her and they all look at her with funny faces) and with the use of color. The faces of the characters guide our gaze towards and around her.
For the second, I wanted her to stand out too (she’s at the center, surrounded by her students), but not in such a drastic way. Therefore, the attention is divided between her and her sister (at the left, holding the poster) and also the image is lighter and mor colorful.

Client: Petit Sàpiens
Date: 2021