About me


👋 Hi! My name is Wendy Montasell and I’m an illustrator and graphic designer who specializes in editorial and product illustration. That means I love to tell stories with and give special meaning to the objects I create.

✍️ I started my artistic career at four by painting a several meters long mural at my parents’ house, but I quickly switched to paper (and later to screen). I have not stopped drawing since then and, since I’m as creative as passionate, after studying Fine Arts and Illustration at college I also decided to train in graphic design.

☀️ I have worked for a few years as an editorial and product graphic designer, time in which I have learned a lot, but now I have decided to pursue my dreams dedicate my time completely to what I really love: illustration.

☝️ For me, illustrations serve two purposes: on one hand, they must communicate a message, tell a story, and on the other they must do so creatively. That’s why my favorite parts of this profession are editorial illustration and product illustration.

✨ In my spare time I love creating with my hands, learning new things for the fun of it, reading comics and, when the situation permits, escaping to the mountains and breathing fresh air.

🌻 You may think “yeah, all this sounds nice, but can I take your word for it?”, and since what I do best is creating images, I invite you to take a look at my portfolio and write me an e-mail if you like what you see 🌻

You can also learn more about me at my social media:

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