How could I ever imagine that, when I first started thinking of writing this blog, that I would write the very first entries while being stuck at home in the middle of a global pandemic. Because the situation is pretty weird right now.

And I know as an illustrator that the greater part of my routine is still working from home and in isolation (luckily this has favored me having a designated space for work and to relax after the workday is finished), but still I’m suffering the fact that I’m not able to go for a walk, that I’m seeing the spring pass by on the outside through the window, the lack of human contact and the constant worrying for my friends and relatives, the anxiety that all this produces…

And that’s why I have decided to share something with you to help relieve this stress by doing what I do best: drawing. In the link below you can download for free two coloring sheets with illustrations. I’ve tried to add a bit of humor so we can have fun by coloring them.

Download the files


In other news, I have opened a Ko-Fi account

Ko-Fi is a crowdfunding site in which you can help several artist by small donations (or coffees). It’s easy, quick and it helps us keep creating and, more importantly, to do so with a smile on our faces.

You can help me out here

Hello world!


Welcome to my first personal blog

I know this all blogging stuff is a little old-fashioned now, but I have always wanted to write one, and now that I have set my mind to become an illustrator I have decided to start writing as well.

To be honest, I have never been able to keep a diary for much long, but this time I’m decided to succeed! As Jake the dog says, Dude, suckin’ at something is the first step to being sorta good at something.


So, what will you find in this blog?

I will write once a month (for now) about illustration, comics, design… I’ll give my humble opinion and share some tips about this subjects.

I will also talk about the latest projects I’m working on, show you part of the creative process behind my illustrations and the new products I’ll be uploading in my online store.

If you want to know a little more about me, here’s my social media networks:

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