Tell them with a doodle (why illustration improves your message) 🏆

Tell them with a doodle (why illustration improves your message) 🏆

Today I’m going to try to answer a BIG question: why (on earth) do I need to hire an illustrator?

Regardless of your company, an increasingly important factor when selling your products or services is communication. How you address your clients and what image you project will make them see you as trustworthy (or not) and want to work with you (or with the competition).

Keeping this in mind, it is necessary to have interesting content, good copywriting (that is, clear and nice texts) and also an attractive image that your client can identify with. This applies to any medium: your website, your brochures or catalogs, your logo, your social media, your promotional emails, your packaging, your products …

Many companies are increasingly choosing to use illustrations and animations rather than photographs for their communication. This may be because illustrations (or a certain style of illustrations) are more eye-friendly and bring warmth and closeness.

In addition, if they have a certain component of abstraction (that is, they are not photorealistic illustrations, although what they represent is perfectly distinguished), they allow the viewer to project himself into the image and identify more with the message.

You don’t have to go far to observe this trend: online service businesses, banks, insurance companies, applications, restaurants, clothing brands, campaigns for administrations…

Can you tell the difference between this images?


An illustration not only makes the message we want to convey stand out and reinforce it, but, well focused, it can add layers of meaning: we can highlight the idea, complement it, even contradict it and create a visual pun that makes it more memorable in the eyes of the viewer.

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