Stones on the road (and in my shoes): obstacles I have run into 📌

Stones on the road (and in my shoes): obstacles I have run into 📌

Today’s post is somewhat personal and I am having a hard time writing it, but I think it is necessary. Sometimes we tend to share only those things that are going well for us or of which we are proud of and, although this is fine, in the long term it can make us feel alone with the mistakes we make or the struggles we go through.

Having a bad streak when the rest of the people around us never seem to have problems makes us feel alone, perhaps even responsible or think we are a failure. This impression is simply false. Everyone goes through bad times and makes mistakes, sometimes plans don’t work and we get frustrated … that’s totally normal.

To illustrate what I am saying, I have found courage to talk about some problems that I have encountered along the way. I have divided them into two sections: external aspects (which we cannot control) and internal aspects (which are difficult to control).


External aspects

Today, the first problem that most young people – and not so young – in Spain find is job and vital instability. And it is not only the lack of opportunities and jobs, aggravated by the Covid-19 crisis, it is also the salaries that do not pay the rent, the contracts for a few hours a week, the unpaid overtime… as an example, at one point in my life I was working in two places at the same time and counting everything I didn’t get to charge 1000€ a month* for working more than 9 hours a day (in addition, I struggled to study and work as an illustrator in my spare time).

*This is a little less than the current minimum wage in Spain, which is 950€ per 8 hours.

In the creative field in particular, there is also a great lack of understanding about how the sector works and a tendency to not value these jobs properly. Design is often seen as a superfluous expense instead of an important investment for the company, and this is reflected in unviable requests, low remuneration and little respect for schedules, among others.

It is always difficult to carry out creative projects, but it is much more difficult if you also dedicate a large part of the day to work in another job to to make ends meet and you see that, after months of continuous effort, not only do you not get to the point you wanted with your project but you have not managed to save any money either.

When I stop to think about all this I feel frustrated, disppointed and sad, but I try to focus on everything I have learned in the process and on the part of my project that, although not as much as I would like, has progressed.

Internal aspects

These aspects depend on the personal experience, character and personality of each person.

In my case, I come from a situation of little emotional stability since childhood, and this has had consequences in my adult life: I am an introverted person in a world that rewards very sociable behaviors, I tend to pessimism, perfectionism, and sometimes fear…

Besides, it is very difficult for me to have confidence in myself and in my abilities and that has ended up being an obstacle for me when looking for work or clients, contributing new ideas in meetings, investing time in projects that I loved…

Fortunately, these aspects can be worked on and improved step by step. A year ago, for example, I would not have been able to write this post and, although it was difficult, I am happy with the progress I am making.

If you too find yourself on this difficult path, you are not alone! Go on, betting on you and your creative projects is always worth it! 💛

And you? What obstacles have you run into? How have you managed to overcome them? Let’s support each other in Instagram , Twitter y LinkedIn !

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