Extra entry: I’m making shrink paper pins!

Extra entry: I’m making shrink paper pins!


As I said at the beginning, I will publish only once a month, but recently I decided to try shrink paper and, as it was, I have made a video on the subject.

Here you have it (my videos are in Spanish since it’s more natural for me to speak in this language. Nevertheless, I’m working on learning how to add subtitles so English speakers can understand it too):

My final impressions are:


  • You can make different models from 1 unit, which is great for small online businesses.
  • You choose the finish, size … it gives many possibilities.
  • It is cheap and fun to use.


  • The bad part of the craft process is that it is time consuming, if you need many units I recommend that you order other types of pins.
  • There is always the possibility of mistakes.

Ans that’s that! Did you enjoy it? Is there anything els you’d like to know about this product? Would you like me to test another material? I’m all eyes and ears on Instagram , Twitter and LinkedIn

And if you liked the pins and want to purchase one, check out my Etsy shop.

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