My illustration process

My illustration process

When I asked on Instagram about which content should I upload to the blog, one of the first questions was about my working method, so today I am going to show you how I make an illustration from the idea to the final result.

I must say that the process varies a bit depending on whether the illustration is for me or for a commission, for the online store or for Instagram. The approach is different although the method is similar. I am going to use as an example an image that will become a print to sell in my Etsy store and I will do it with Procreate.

As you may have already noticed, my work in many cases is 100% digital. I like to work with ink and sometimes with watercolor but in the end I chose the practicality, speed and versatility that digital illustration offers. My main working tools are:

  • A pretty old and trotted Macbook pro
  • A wacom bamboo that I bought second hand many years ago
  • An iPad with apple pencil
  • Software: Adobe Photoshop on the laptop and Procreate on the iPad

I used to make sketches in pencil on a sketchpad, but now I do them directly in digital because that allows me to do, undo, scale, copy, discard and redo sketches much faster. Sometimes I even make the sketch digitally, I print it, then trace it and make the final illustration by hand with ink.

It has been a bit hard for me because I don’t particularly like being on camera, but I have managed to make a video to better show you the process (it is in Spanish, you can try the automate subtitles, sorry!):

Anyways this is my personal process, each artist has his or her own way of working and they all have their personal touch! Is your drawing process similar? Do you work in different ways? Tell me everything about it on instagram or twitter! ✨

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