Podcast for illustratos 🎧

Podcast for illustratos 🎧

I don’t know if you know this, but I’m a bit obsessed I’m quite a fan of multitasking. In fact, my brain tends to list all the tasks that I set out to do in a day and rearrange them to get the most done in the least amount of time (for example, putting the washing machine first working while it’s on, or cooking in the oven because It allows me to use of the time it takes to do other things).


With all this in mind and dedicating much of my time to drawing, sooner or later I was bound to listen to podcasts. Today, I wanted to talk to you about podcasts related to illustration and creativity.

I mostly speak Spanish (and Catalan) but I also listen to some on English, so here’s my list of recomendations:

  • Illustration hour
    Illustrator Julia Dufossé talks to different illustrators, art directors and agents about her creative process and how to make a living from illustration.
  • Creative Pep Talk
    In this weekly podcast, illustrator Andy J. Pizza talks hilariously about the profession and the everyday issues related to it. It brings very interesting guests and will make you feel accompanied in your long drawing sessions.

And for those who speak Spanish:

  • El club del dibujo
    In this podcast, illustrator Andrés Sanchís tells us about the ups and downs of the illustrator profession. In each chapter it has incredible guests and gives us a more human and close point of view on different aspects of what it means to be an illustrator.
  • Ilustra pro
    Io Bru, creator of Ilustrando Dudas, continues to dedicate her life to help illustrators find their professional path and have all the necessary tools to do so. In this case, she does it using a podcast.

  • Viviendo del cuento
    Illustrators Eva Carot, Laura Gómez and Srta. M take us by the hand through different aspects of illustration and also recommend interesting resources, books and films. Listening to them is like being among friends, a good time guaranteed!

  • Creativos exitosos
    The Inspired360 blog has created this podcast hosted by Evelyn Rojas in which she talks with a different creative professional (from illustration, design, photography…) about a specific topic related to creativity.

  • El podcast de Duduá
    This podcast is not directly related to illustration, but it is related to creativity and features creative professionals from the world of crafts and design. Duduá is a shop and workshop space located in Barcelona and the podcast goes by the hand of its creator, Alicia Rosselló.

And you? What podcast (creative or otherwise) do you listen to? Recommend them on Instagram , Twitter and LinkedIn !✨

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